Formación en Método Pilates

Who we are: 

UNO - Pilates was created in 2015 by the Director of the Portuguese School of Authentic Pilates (epdap®) - Miguel Silva and the Director of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates (eedap®) - Fabien Menegon.
The Uno Pilates School is directed by Sr. Fabien Menegon, certified by Romana Kryzanowska, and Miguel Silva with more than 10 years of teaching,  graduated from "The work" with Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates Studio, following their legacy and diffusion of the method.  
Recognized as one of the best certifications programs around the world and more than 20 years of experience and dedication of teaching the method and training teachers. 
Fabien Menegon and Miguel Silva, restructured the pedagogy and the teaching of the traditional training programs, in order to offer a precise and modern knowledge of the method, without losing the essence of the original method known now as Classical Pilates. (you can see them teaching small workshops and classes at Pilatesology) 

The place:  Uno Pilates Studio - "The Lab" - Pilates Camp - led by Miguel Silva is located in this wild paradise of the Vicentina coast, surrounded by sea and mountains, privileged by the sun. A place where nature expresses itself, an unparalleled experience that your body and mind will thank and not forget. "The Lab" is the first research, development and education center at European and international level to preserve excellence in teaching the Pilates method! A cutting-edge center where new research on the method is shared through education and other international meetings with other professionals of the highest level. Location: Aldeia da Almádena - Rocio de Almádena N5 -  8600-102 LUZ LGS  - Lagos -  Nearest Airports:  Faro 94,5Km  - Lisbon 303Km  - We recommend renting a car, it's the best way to travel around and visit the wild nature that surround us.   We can arrange individual and / or individual accommodation (limited number) Breakfast not included - For mor info contact us: 

Our Propose:  To offer seminars of deep and profound understanding of teaching the method from the basics till the advance level, like Joe and Clara Pilates created.  To give a wide and complete understanding of the Pilates method using all the equipment invented by Joe. (All studio equipment is made by Gratz, respecting the origins of the method)  Work with a maximum number of 8 students with the purpose of providing a personalized follow-up, guaranteeing the quality required to become a "body guide".


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